Spring under kit

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Our spring under kit is the perfect solution for those that do not want the costly
expense of doing a 4 link set up and want greater performance then the standard
spring over Q80 pack. The kit eliminates the factory spring hangers and replaces
them with heavy duty bolt on fabricated brackets and pivot on a custom shackle
that uses 7/8 uniballs, instead of noisy bushings that tend to only last one season.
The massive arc achieved by mounting the spring under the axle allows for a
longer more supple spring with more pre-load which keeps the axle glued to the
ground in the bumps without the notorious “Bronco Buck”. Capable of 19” of true
wheel travel with factory frame or 22” with a frame notch.

Key Features:
- 100% CNC laser cut and bent
- Heavy duty fabricated front and rear brackets
- Uniball pivot point shackles
- Spring under design for superior geometry and handling
- Professionally welded

What’s included:
- Front and rear brackets
- shackles
- deaver spring pack
- bushings with sleeves
- weld on spring perches
- fabricated spring plates
- 5/8 U bolts
- All necessary hardware and uniballs
- Detailed written instructions
Price: $3300
Rear shock mount: $500