Race Spindles

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In our quest to safely run 40” tires under the most extreme conditions it became apparent that we needed to eliminate the stock ball joint design found on most TTB setups. Our knuckles start out as a solid 5” piece of 4130 bar and are then CNC machined to create a one piece clevis achieving a perfectly flat mating surface for the spindle snouts to bolt to. The knuckles pivot on massive 1.5 vertical uniballs, the same sized joints you would find on a modern trophy truck. Integrated steering arms and 3/8 thick 4130 caliper tabs are expertly tig welded into place. Capable of running our custom race hubs or a 6 bolt stock snout, setup for a 6 piston caliper and 14” rotor. Retains stock steering geometry and allows for zero axle bind through turning lock to lock.

Key Features:
- 100% 4130 CNC laser cut and bent
- One piece 4130 clevis
- 1.5 Uniball pivot points
- CNC cut and tapped holes
- Professionally TIG welded

What’s included:
- Knuckles
Price: $2600
Add Hardware:
FK 1.5 uniballs, misalignment spacers and snap rings - $400