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Our fully fabricated Dana 44 twin traction beams are the first of their kind to be mass produced. After extending and modifying the stock beam housings for years it was apparent that there was a better solution then simply adding “band aids” to a part that was not designed to endure the rigorous nature of off-road racing. By reverse engineering through 3d modeling programs we were able to strengthen or eliminate areas that are prone to fail on the stock housings while improving handling by increasing caster and correcting pinion angle. Every beam is built with symmetrical king pin angles and utilizes billet upper and lower ball joint ears machined from a solid piece of steel with integrated stainless steel adjustable camber cam retainers. ¼’ 4130 plate connecting the billet pieces are standard on all beams. Available in 1.5, 4.5, and 6” per side. 1-3” lift 16-20” useable wheel travel

Key Features
Key Features:
- 100% CNC laser cut and bent
- Billet upper and lower ball joint ears with stainless camber cam retainers
- 1” uniball cups
- Front truss
- 1/4” 4130 beam end construction
- Bolt on radius arm pockets
- Corrected geometry
- Large Billet fill/inspection cap
- Double oil volume over stock for cooler operating temperatures
- Professionally welded