Race Hubs

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Our Trophy Truck dana 44 based race hubs are the ultimate in strength and dependability. Designed by offroad legend Sandy Cone with his 4 decades of race winning experience you will have the confidence of running large tires in the most grueling of race conditions. With larger diameter bearings thicker 4340 spindle snouts that have been properly heat treated and then post machined. These hubs will allow you to choose the standard 6x6.5 Trophy Truck wheel pattern or the more common Bronco/F-150 5x5.5  

Key Features:
- Properly heat treated and post machined spindle snouts
- 1 piece 7075 aluminum hub body with gear shaped internal splines for hub lockout
- Oversized wheel bearings and all necessary seals
- Machined crush spacers taking the guess work out of bearing preload

What’s included:
- 2- hub bodies with rotor adapters and spindle snouts
- 5/8 wheel studs
- Oversized wheel bearings all necessary seals and spindle nut socket

- locking spindle nuts and heat treated washer
- Oversized wheel bearings and all necessary seals
- Machined crush spacers

Price: $5000