Tanner Lovgren's '95 Ford Bronco

Owner: Tanner Lovgren
Vehicle: 1995 Ford Bronco
Builder: Independence Electric, and multiple shops over the last 10 years.
Fiberglass: Fiberwerx 2nd Gen Raptor
Engine: LS3
Transmission: 4L80e
Chassis components:
Cooling: CBR oil cooler, CBR trans cooler, CBR radiator.
Fuel Cell: 50 gallon Fuel safe
Tires: BF Goodrich 40×12.50x17 KR3
Wheels: 17” | Methodbeadlocks
Wheelbase: 121”
Front Suspension:6” 4130 fully fabricated race beam kit* rotor adapters to use stock hubs, 6 piston wilwood calipers
Front Shock Package:2.5x14”Tripplebypass, 2.5x14” sway awaycoiloversand2.5” king bumps
Rear Suspension:4 linked, backhalved frame, body is stretched 17”s, 55” links, 74 weld sway bar
Rear Shock Package:3.0x18” bypasses, 2.5x16” coilovers and 2.5” bump stops, all king.
Rear Axle:Currie 40 splinefull floater, 10” third member
Brakes: Wilwood
Rotors: Wilwood
Hubs: stock front, Currie rear
Lights: Project X
Steering: Single swing steering kit
Seats: Twisted Stich
Communication: Rugged Race Radios