Bronco/f150 fabricated front frame section

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Our solution for the Bronco/F150  owner or builder planning on tackling the labor intensive and costly task of plating and reinforcing the stock frame to build an engine cage off of. Our complete frame section allows you to easily start with a fresh purpose built frame that is much stronger and eliminates the negative constraints of the stock frame and crossmember.  The stock frame and crossmember will limit up travel, you can clearance and plate that section in and then you are left with the issue of having to put a bend in your tie rod to clear the steering box and pitman arm. We solved these problems by first designing the frame to achieve 3" more up travel while eliminating the factory ford box and incorporating the superior 7 series saginaw box. The new steering box location allows all of the tie rods to remain straight while achieving the added wheel travel. Generally the wheels are pushed forward with out changing the beam pivot location which produces added angles in the u joint and axles, we moved the pivots 2" forward to create more neutral axle angles and geometry. The dual swing steering pivots are integrated into the frame for ultimate strength and accessibility to the motor. The hydraulic ram is incorporated into the crossmember and pivots off the top of the swinger which allows for a 1:1 motion ratio using the full stroke of the ram while allowing for easy alignment of tie rods and prevents side loading from a tie rod mounted ram. 

Note: Requires major fabrication and should be installed by a professional

Must run specific pitman arm, swinger and tie rod kit.

Key Features:
- 100% CNC laser cut and bent
- 1/4” 4130 crossmember with integrated hydraulic ram mount
- 1/4" 4130 Beam pivots moved 2" forward
- 3" increased up travel
- 4 bolt saginaw steering box mount
- locates off of front body mount for easy installation
- 3" increased up travel over stock
- sway bar mount

- Professionally welded

What’s included:
- front frame
- crossmember
- beam and steering pivots
- front frame crossmember
- sway bar mounts

Price: $4600 for 100% 4130 construction or $3900 for a mix of mild steel parts on non critical components (crossmember and pivot points are always 1/4" 4130)